Bellagio Pfautec problems tricycle with electric drive

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In September 2011, we bought a tricycle (Bellagio Pfautec) with electric drive with you. Unfortunately, we have the problem that since a few days, the drive does not EMHR. The rechargeable battery is charged, the indicator on the handle abenweder still operate the drive itself. Two questions:
1 If the repair still covered by the warranty?
2 Is there an agreement in Magdeburg work place fo r the bike?

Sincerely yours


Please contact me at 0365 825 55 18

Sincerely yours

R. vocals

Hello Mr singing,

Today we returned from Norway night and have only the morning
can grow to handle. It helped! Thank you!

Then we have just received a second package by again the
Replacement part was. The broken handle and today’s show we are

Thanks again and greetings

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