Carrier for tricycles

I ask for your offer for a rear bike carrier for the brand KYNAST a tricycle with a holder for an extra bike.


what a hanging clutch do you have? A stronghold, a removable or hinged? And I need the exact dimensions of the wheelbase of the wheels. Or the exact model of the tricycle.

For questions you can reach me by phone at 0365 825 55 18

Sincerely yours

R. vocals

Dear Mr. song,

Thank you for your response.

There is a towbar from Thule with vertical latch on a Toyota Verso-S
Article No. 488 at TOYOTA PZ-00 DO551

E-record 13 pole
Articles with No TOYOTA PZ-457 DO3561 00

The tricycle is from the company KYNAST. The wheelbase is 68 cm.
I attached a picture of the shaft (ø 40 mm) and as required to give you happy complementary dimensions.

Sincerely yours


I have just received the offer for the wearer with extra for a bike. The offer has been received by them via email. If the total price including transportation (report etc. are all there). We have all the disclosures that are needed. If you give the OK, off you go. The delivery time is currently about 2 – 3 weeks.

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