Defect on the tricycle

Good day,
I’m a tricycle Kentex August 2007 bought 24 inches from your company. Now the saddle is broken I gegangen.Wenn me sit on the saddle give the springs under the seat of the saddle is schief.Mein father and everything has been tried, but the error can not fix. I need a new saddle!!
I am handicapped and tons of social assistance, I can not allow a new saddle.
Is there still warranty on the saddle???

Best Wishes

Defect in the electric tricycle without warranty


I own an electric tricycle, which was not purchased from you. Unfortunately, the electric motor works no more, no lamps illuminate even though the battery is charged. Nothing moves and when I change the battery, there is also no reaction. The Merchant of time is broke and my bike dealer will not or can not help me.

Can you help me? I need it urgently for my tricycle locomotion, I rely on it a repaired me. A new I can not afford it.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

although we certainly can not do magic:-D, we will try to help. We ask for a detailed description of the error, as far as possible there. It is also important to know the exact model and manufacturer of the tricycle. Since we do not have all three wheels or spare parts repair capacity.

If you have no idea what the problem is, we can gladly leave to pick up the trike with our freight forwarding and study with us. Just contact us and we will find a solution.


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