Help, I can not ride a tricycle!

I get to ride tricycle for adults 1Dear future tricycle driver, we want with this guide give you some tips, explanations and assistance go to the tricycle.

You some basics: You can do it!

If you are the first time as an adult on the tricycle and have put in steering feel that the tricycle pulling to the right or left, it’s not tragic. They share the problem with 50% of the people who ride a bicycle otherwise, or have at some point down. Regardless of age or handicap. You should also know the following: As a small child you will certainly ever driven tricycle and were able to without problems. Then came probably a pretty painful exercise of the two-phase cycling. You had to steer instead of the steering yoke, learn to steer by shifting your weight. This process you will also hinbekommen reversed again! And without bruises because a tricycle overturns not so simple. You need to steer the tricycle move exclusively to the steering yoke and not tilt the upper body to the side. After all, if you are for example tend to the right to go to the right (see Figure 3), you automatically pull the left arm as the handlebars, the bear left. So just go in the opposite direction in which you want. To avoid this, you need to keep your upper body upright only. That’s it.

To experience success, it would be good if you can take the tricycle and an assistant, first to a larger space to practice without obstacles. Above all, do not put yourself under pressure and are satisfied with small improvements may initially. It is matter of practice, and is ultimately implemented in the head.

Practical tips

First make the tricycle on a flat surface and tighten the parking brake. You should now be set on the tricycle your body measurements. That is, if you sit on the saddle, keep both hands on the handlebars, you should have bent the upper body about (about 10 °) to the front. The impact you can by adjusting the handlebar height and angle, as well as by the Sattelklobenposition. The saddle height to be adjusted so that when the pedal has reached the lower point, the leg is extended almost completely (s.Bild2). All screws from a tricycle must be tight and tune the tire pressure must (See instructions).

I get to ride tricycle for adults 2

Image 2

Now you tend to exercise and build confidence to go without, with the parking brake several times the upper body to the right and far left (s.Bild3). You will soon notice how stable is the tricycle. But also note, on a sloped surface or in rapid cornering, the steadiness and your limits.

 I get to ride tricycle for adults3

Image 3

Now ask a second person to stand before the tricycle and at low speed (1st gear) with the handlebars to hold, so you can go in the desired direction (Figure 4). Concentrate on keeping your upper body upright.

I get to ride tricycle for adults 4

Picture 4

Should it be so, that you are holding the handlebars very cramped and thus can not comply with the direction, just try to steer with your fingertips (Fig. 5). It is also important that you do not look at the front, but with the eyes to target the point you want to navigate. Also, always keep your upper body upright nice!

I get to ride tricycle for adults 5

Picture 5

If you do these exercises frequently undergo several days in a row, with due patience, success will be guaranteed to set soon and go in the direction that you want. Now you can load a larger peaceful transition and faster ride. But be careful: If you are still uncertain times while driving are never jump off the saddle, so you do not roll the tricycle on the heels! So seats remain, both brakes and stop! Then you can simply focus again and continue your journey.

General information

Finally, a few notes:
• Move only in the public streets, if you feel absolutely confident in dealing with the tricycle.
• Always comply with the rules of the road and you are unsure how to do without your right of way.
• Avoid routes with large lateral tilt and turn into obstacles and curbs at a right angle, so tipping is excluded.
• Read the instructions carefully and follow the rules and instructions documented therein.
• Treat. Care your tricycle and leave regularly perform the required inspections to ensure that the required safety standard is maintained


If you follow all these, you will have a whole new sense of mobility and quality of life! We wish you lots of fun, joy (Fig. 1), and very,

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    There is something amiss with the way in which the text is presented. It appears that the article was not composed using word processor. I really think that it would be of great value to me from the images presented. Hope the author can review this on the website and make corrections using the original document.

  2. Susan Watkins

    I bought an adult trike, last week but only had my first ride today, having upset my right hand and wrist by digging out a rather large yucca, for my mother, and then replanting the poor thing in my garden.
    It is 40 years since I last tried to ride a bicycle, probably too soon after major surgery on my left ear which affected my balance and after falling in front of a car (it swerved, as you probably guessed and missed me) I never tried again. I assumed, wrongly, that 3 wheels would be safer but after swerving onto a grass verge and then back onto the canal path, near my home and going dizzy trying to balance on surfaces with a camber, I now know better!
    I think the article here was probably written originally in either Dutch or German and possibly translated by a computer, rather than a human?

    1. Mats

      If you only have two wheel bike experience, riding a trike is very different. While very stable, control of steering is the major difference. If you ride on a road that has a crest, you will find that when you wanter off the crest the trike will rapidly drift toward the curb. You have to compensate for that as you steer by turning away from he curb. Turning corners is also different. You have to approach sharp turns at corners cautiously. Look for traffic and make a wide turn, saying as close to the road crest as possible. On bumpy or rutted roads, while a bike will only go up and down, a trike will also rock from to side. Take it easy. Slower is better. Get the “trike experience” mastered and enjoy. A side view mirror is absolutely necessary.

  3. Daniel Godlewski

    Very good article!
    My wife and I have a tandem trike from belize bikes (also has 500w electric assist)
    Your article explains the problem we are having very well. We will see if your suggestions
    will help us quit laughing and get on with riding.
    We probably look like Image 3 ….
    I wonder if a auto steering wheel replaced the handlebars if that would help?

    We also have a regular tandem but as we both are 78/79 yrs old the tricycle seemed to be
    a good idea.

    As for the comments about the translation….. my feeling is picky, picky, picky!
    If great/perfect english is desired, read Shakespeare (see if that’s easier to understand than
    this great article)

    In closing
    Thank You, whomever wrote the article, thanks for your time to write it, and thanks for posting it.
    Danl G

    1. sharon welensky

      Yes indeed.
      I just bought a tricycle (Husky “Cruise Master”, 24″) and a 500W front wheel electric assist (in anticipation of small hills). My plan is to make use of all the trails we have out here and ride it on paved and packed flat, wide trails. The electric assist is intended to be assist only, as the purpose of this for me is exercise, weight loss and enjoyment of the trails.
      The article has some great information in it – and obviously it was computer translated from a different language. The imperfections in translation didn’t bother me one bit and I appreciate the article 🙂

  4. robert

    Thank you dear. very helpful hints .
    Im sorry for first 2 comments, typical negative people on internet , if they can’t help and/or if they are clueless , obviously they don’t want others get clues either , but they still want to show that they have any personality , but in fact they have none .
    anyway , thank you dear , really helped me to know what I am supposed to do when turning .

  5. Su

    The article is helpful, indeed, as I learn to ride my new trike however some “sentences” were unreadable. The other readers who complained are NOT internet trolls, just concerned readers like myself.

  6. Peggy

    I laughed with amusment and gratitude all the way through…the only thing scarier than my new trike ,that I have ridden was a wayword, headstrong pony…and the advice was the same “sit straight, look ahead and dont jump off!!! Wonderful article thank you.

  7. Mary

    Thank you for this article. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to ride my Belize Tri-Rider tricycle that I just got . I kept going towards the right, the slope on the road. Now I know why. So, now I will practice some more with your articles suggestions.

  8. Ellen Johnson

    Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I will try again with better understanding of how to ride a trike. This was the best article I have read on the subject.

  9. Skip Hutton

    This is a very good and helpful article. I am very interested in the bike that is shown in the photos. Can any one tell me the make and model. Also, where can I buy one.


  10. Leah

    This helped me so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!I was afraid the money spent on me for a fat tire etrike would go to waste, now I am getting better at it every day😁

  11. Carolyn

    Thank you. Very helpful. I wonder if someone can tell me how to ride up & down kerbs/for prams etc. Just cannot get how to do it so have been walking trike across road. Very heavy & bruise legs. Ouch! Thank you in advance


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