Retrofit kit support wheels

Love Tricycle team

I can achieve with the training wheels you offer retrofitted a similar effect as with a tricycle?

Am to 2 serious accidents (1 x car, 1 x scooter) so traumatized that I do not trust myself on my scooter and no longer even on my high-quality two-wheeler;’m just afraid of losing their balance, steering errors or similar make nonsense of course
Lich all based on 2 wheels.

Guess I now support wheels or a tricycle? Hot curves I drive no longer at my age (56).

Thanks in advance
MfG new customer


basically meet the training wheels the same effect as a tricycle. The advantage consists in the re-use of your (maybe high) bicycle. A major disadvantage of supporting wheels is but when driving. If you are on uneven terrain (it reaches a rut or a hole or a small dent in the foot) are out, it sometimes happens that the two support wheels have ground contact and the driving wheel in the middle.

We recommend and prefer tricycles like to invite you to test drive one to Gera. We are available for telephone counseling available.

Nevertheless, many people opt for the training wheels and are satisfied with it.


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