training wheels 28 inch hilfsmttelnummer

Thomas Frey

hello, their training wheels have a hilfsmttelnummer which I have indicated in my checkout on the prescription of my neuroklogen. I am 100% severely disabled, AG and B in my identity card. I suffer from MS. the fund declined, as this can be used for leisure design and not for therapeutic purposes.

I have a pedelec 28 “mr self employed and can not afford to due to financial günden. thing you can do with the fund trägt.haben much they cost. possibility of a ready?, it would be great if they could help me. mfg th. frey


Unfortunately there is no solution according to Scheme “F”. These are all individual decisions. A Council, we unfortunately can not give you. But our experience shows that these tricycles or props are allowed only in the rarest of cases. And it does not matter how strong the degree of disability and suffering is.

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