Tricycle from internet at my house only gets bad repair service

I ordered a tricycle from the network.
Visually, it makes a good impression. After only about 2 km driving
loosened the bottom bracket.
I was looking for a workshop near me. There I got the statement:
“Go to where you bought the wheel,” “People are buying in
Internet (cheap) and then want to have it repaired with us ”

Well, after much begging and pleading, they screwed me, the bottom bracket again
fixed, but on the way home it loosened again.
Then the bike was first weeks around because I do not phone repair appointment
I then asked to have installed a completely new bottom bracket with the note, it should be a good and expensive. I got then installed a Shimano bottom bracket.
Total price (only) 45 €.
After three unsuccessful trip that was loose again.

Today’s the matter any more quality?
Does’ s today no more service?
The two bicycle dealers in my area want to sell nothing but Neufahrräder.
They were both very bitter against me, and rejoiced not that I come to you as a new customer.



even if we unfortunately can not help you in your specific case, we would like to express a few thoughts:

Why did you not let your problem solve by the company that sold the tricycle?
A good dealer (including the Internet) should always be there for its customers. This is especially true in business tricycle with many older clients and customers with disabilities who are in urgent need of your bike!

We offer this service with its own charm collectors and of course free of charge to the front door, under the guarantee.

As a customer, but you should already know that free service costs the dealer money, and then it will quickly close the “low bidder Stan” without financial freedom.

In any case, I can understand the local bike shop!

If you can already sell a new bike (WAS OF COURSE WE PREFER TO MAKE :)), then you should just be making money with service. We would never send away a foreign customer if he needs help, especially not if he wants to make money here. 🙂

We are also bicycle dealers (even before the PLACE!) Often the last resort for people who are in urgent need of your tricycle.

Best regards Your team Tricycle

Hello Tommy

I would like to send advance, I am neither dealer nor do I have a (bicycle) shop, but I’m sober buyer.

With us, there were decades a more wonderful shop in which you got any screws individually, as well as an incredible number of spare parts. And solid repairs.

This store has not lived naturally from the sale of spare parts and screws, because there often came together only cents, but from the sale of (household) appliances.

Then people started to go on the internet for bargains. Without replacement of parts, repairs, service cases to consider.
Then came a such cases, it should set the shop around the corner.
But the store around the corner has to pay rent for the shop, wages for staff, and spare parts stockpile, so can not sell so cheap, like a pure online retailer.

Finally, this wonderful store has to close. And suddenly a lot of people were very concerned, could finally get there (replacement) Buy parts that are not found in any Obi or practitioner.
There were even several newspaper articles availed, it has nothing, the store was closed.

So I can certainly understand the bike shop.
I would have no desire for a repair + – to account for 50 €, for which I might yet have to get the spare parts, which is certainly connected with some administrative expenses. Or where I need to take a pack, although I only need a part for repair.

The situation is different of course, when you move to a new city. But in my experience, most responsive bike shop staff also very friendly.

That’s just the train of time and not just stop!


We are online retailer with several shops and a “regular” bike shop.

Surely you are right with the relocation of shopping on the Internet. Also, the “Always Cheaper ‘strategy is an evil of our times, even as we suffer from the online store, because there are to each of our products are always a cheaper offer. We also pay rent + wages for employees + stocking of parts. In addition, not inconsiderable transport and shipping costs are added.

That’s just the train of time and not just stop!

Ich hätte auch keinen Bock, eine Reparatur für+ – 50 € zu machen”>> I would also have no desire for a repair + – to account for 50 €

Here I have to disagree, however. Who has such a setting as a dealer who has missed his profession and his clients do not deserve! If my service is true, then is true for sales. And the customers will come back and recommend us.

How often do we just change a tube or a chain for 5 euros without being rich.
And maybe we have such a satisfied customer …
And maybe he will often …
And maybe he buys his next bike with us …

Many customers do not want to anonymous purchases on the Internet, but also service.

Best regards Your team Tricycle

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