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ride a bicycle again herniated discride a bicycle again herniated disc

I was about 5 years ago by a double herniated disc mobility taken. Due to my immobility I felt very restricted, could also walk up to the present days, no routes to travel, I would then necessarily represent being able to overcome a bicycle to distances or distances because it just no longer walk went, so went my husband and I in a bicycle home, as I had to find that I am no longer able to sit out and how it must be for a two-wheeler, and —- I was very afraid to fall or crash, because I was very small am I come from any bike sitting with his feet on the floor-I went pretty depressed and without a bike to go home!
My husband’s response was to the computer and started smart as he could help me, because I would love to ride a bike again, and he found a nice “loading” in which he was well informed, and there he bought a tricycle!

I was flabbergasted, I should rumdüsen with 50 years on a tricycle? First I tried it was at night in the dark a very different driving experience, and as it moved forward, I felt very safe, and free —–!

At the beginning, the gauntlet has been, because I had to stop every two meters, because someone asked, ‘O God, Mrs F. what’s happened, but they calmed down after a few weeks, and now I am just of the street scene it!

But the best part of my tricycle, the huge basket behind me, I can buy again without a rack (husband or son)!

You have to get used to it especially that you can not put in curves, and that it has a large turning circle, but this one has on it quickly.

But no pensioner tricycle! But no pensioner tricycle!

The tricycle I’ve found a really good alternative to the bike.

The test drive I have “survived” well and was really excited now – You can do it at home too?

So the next day I’ve been practicing in a parking lot again, but after the fifth round, we went to the streets.

It worked, and it still does.

I do my shopping now with the wheel and in the future will certainly follow a few trips, I have now discovered roads and paths, which I previously had not known.

This tricycle (although the “nice” nickname has retired bicycle), is intended not only for OAPs.
Anyone with a vehicle can not move easily to the tricycle is a safe alternative.

Bicycle trips on Usedom!

Bicycle trips on Usedom!

Today I want to tell you about my experience with my tricycle. I’m 64y.o. and have always regretted that I was not cycling, as other people might.

I live in Wolgast. A city that is the gateway to the island of Usedom. The whole island has beautiful biking trails that lead to the remotest parts of Usedom. Since then I have the tricycle, I’ve seen corners that I would not otherwise reach, even though I live here forever.

The tricycle I bought you specified in the previous year. At first I was skeptical that I can drive it at all. I had steering problems, but these were resolved after a few hours of practice. As I drove through the city for the first time, I marveled and many friends congratulated me on my achievement. Also, I was always being asked where I had it here.

In the summer I made with my family and friends beautiful cycling. An extended even over 34km. I could keep up with my tricycle good, although I had a tour with the first regular soreness. Through the acquisition of the tricycle, we often leave our car. We enjoy the outdoors even more intense and my quality of life has improved. Would recommend to all non-cyclists to have the courage to buy a tricycle.

My tricycle history

My tricycle history

As a small child I used a tricycle. Today, due to almost 88 years of my “age stiffness” I go back tricycle.After I informed about Internet about the different types of adult tricycles, I have a “front tricycle” ordered with electric assistance. (Primo of whistle).

After initially very difficult (it is a very different driving characteristics compared to a two-wheeler) I am happy to have it. All the purchases I’ll do with my tricycle and ride every day in good weather 15-30 km through the countryside. Headwinds and inclines with electrical support.

I’m with my tricycle since become much more mobile.

Three cycling with dogThree cycling with dog

I found these wheels always been fun and I decided a few weeks ago I finally purchased one. That the wheels have a different driving behavior, I had nearly recovered diverted from my plan, until I discovered your homepage with the tricycle-driving school. I have read the lines over and over again and internalized until I made a trial run at a dealer. Suitable for Easter 2011 I got the bike and I’m first in the garden plot their way up and down and down, sometimes with gravel or grass, until I got used to the driving behavior. Then I could hardly stand still and am out on the bike. I realized that I had the wheel surprisingly quickly under control and have been on the third Greyhound took my day, but I have actually bought it. Because you can take a tricycle very slowly, the dog adapted and adjusted totally to him because you do not have to worry around the balancing or just stop and stand
stay if the situation demands it. The 3 courses are for perfectly adequate. In the giant basket a thermal bag is water and Lekkerlies. This is how’s us two super fun. – The wheel is
even foldable and can take you in the car. I would not miss it anymore.

Three Cycling in Holland

Three Cycling in Holland

I was born as Don Cossack in Siberia and raised in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), So (t) chi (Black Sea) and Engels (the Volga). Only in Siberia, the memory of my mother, my family was in possession of a toddler tricycle, – then was not to think of a real bike for my family.

Now I know that most people in Russia do not have a bike, respectively. have possessed. With a few applications (eg in villages) was and still is the use of bicycles in this great country uncommon and therefore also dangerous, because the already extremely aggressive driving car owners have no experience and feeling for cyclist traveling fellows.

So it is no surprise that many immigrants from Russia today here in Germany simply can not ride a bike and watch this German, radel’s nationality envious.

Exactly my German husband and I wanted to change. I was finally with him for beautiful cycling and next to a pedestrian being now able to experience this part of the world from the saddle.

But what a huge amount of futile experiences I had to plug in, as we have tried on every conceivable bikes (bicycles) to keep my body in balance. Even a tandem experiment we ended inconclusively. My sense of balance is already sparsely marked and now also to balance even on moving parts for me was and is unfortunately impossible. – The assistance of experts and various bike dealers who helped all with great patience failed. – A cycling so moved back into inaccessible distance.

Then my husband started the Internet for tricycles for adults researching and showed me to a variety of images. Even advice from dealers and users are served as a basis for decision, still got to try this variation.

Inspired by the website http://dreirad-fuer-erwachsene.de, we first studied in our living close to one of the few bicycle shops, including the are also in the show had a tricycle. And so my very first test drive was on a “capo Pfautec” instead (2 front wheels). The feeling is indescribable. Although I totally wrong and sat on my hands wanted desperately to choke the handlebars – but I went alone and unaided in the courtyard of the retailer and by the minute I felt safer and easier. The feeling of happiness, now finally have a new transportation option was and still is fantastic.
I wish I would have bought this bike the same, but, first, it was in the existing equipment too expensive and secondly, it was, despite its optional disassembly much too bulky to it daily at home on a narrow and winding basement stairs in the bicycle storage room of the apartment house to wear. And a driving on vacation on the car roof would have been necessary in view of the weight probably also the purchase of a crane.

Then my husband organized a driving test on a large tricycle (two rear wheels and unfortunately not separable) at a distant neighbor of his sister. I realized that it was actually for a rank beginner like me was a bit harder, then move back to the two wheels. But these fears are gone after about 5 minutes: I was just, I was not cramped and most of all I felt the wind of the speed.

After that it was clear a tricycle must be found, – but a tricycle that fits into the small trunk, which is “comfortable” with us can contribute to the basement and on which I still feel safe.
So there was and is no alternative to the “DiBlasi R32” folding bike.

So it turned out that we had on the trip to Holland (Holiday Oostkapelle) planned a trip to Gera at the company L & P Vertriebs GmbH in Amthorstraße there and made an appointment to try this DiBlase tricycle.

The appointment was short because the test drive there gave us so quickly convinced of the quality, stability and especially the ingenious folding function, – that we have purchased an identical model and taken to Holland.

Once there, the bags were unpacked yet properly when I jostle my first bike …. and this lasted for fewer than or equal to 10 km!
It went through the narrow forest roads and Park avenues, etc. For a beginner bike is mE Holland is an ideal country: The bike paths are sometimes better and more comfortable than in Germany – with often recorded tracks as on the roads, bike underpasses is when a road junction in the road and especially my routine and enviably serene drivers who are trained excellently on cyclists to show consideration.

The next day, our tour then stretched for 25 km and then 40 km on day trips. The pain at the bottom (buttocks) were from day to day, somehow seems thus also inexperienced Po quickly get used to a saddle-feeling.

Achso – Tricycle: highly curved roads require special training and potholes or above-ground tree roots along the forest paths I encounter now easier using my butt and my weight lifting something so only at the center was shifting to the pedals.
And contrary to expectations: not a single person has somehow looked pitying. By DiBlase design the wheel looks kind of like a very expensive technical toys that has stimulated the most times one or another man to technical inquiries.

In terms of pace, my husband has tested his bike computer our cruising speed. My maximum (completely relaxed and without fear) was 32 km / h on a degrees without back or head wind. Of course, I had to work hard and sweat was for such actions quickly – but it should serve, too: Leisure and Fitness.

Bottomline: This was one of the best purchases of my life.

Why did I come to buy me a tricycle

Why did I come to buy me a tricycle

In order to explain and to describe, I have to go very far back in my childhood. I was born in 1962, my mother was 41 when she had me and I grew up between City + village. I.e. on a relatively busy road, if you say so! GDR times

So long story short, my mother was afraid that something happens to me and I was not so brave and children’s bikes there was not, so I never learned to ride a bike as a kid.
When I became a teenager I’ve thought about it to learn, but then again there was the problem that someone would help me and those I had not. So I was able to grow up without a bike ride and it did not bother me much.

I.e. in mind, I always had this desire to possibly sometime can even, if only to get somewhere quickly, or pay no more ticket for the tram to have. Also, I had a part time job where I had to run a lot, which I did not look good.
Nevertheless, the wheel was not actually the most obvious wish I had, but that changed when I got to know in 2003 my then boyfriend. He ran as a hobby bike and that I was interested after all. I had seen earlier as a child now and the Peace Race (live and on TV), and so has he infected me and I was actually on TV from any professional race. I was totally fascinated by the ability of cyclists and of course then came back to me with the idea and desire to own high wheel. Especially since many of my people I told that I am cycling enthusiasts asked me if I had a bike and also because I could always say, I can not even ride a bike.
Last year (2010) I learned about the side of the moderators of cycling (Euro Sport) on facebook to know a whole troupe dufte people with whom I could share my interest in the sport of cycling. There were great conversations that we have had an unknown way and also because my anxiety came up again, to be able to ride a bike. But I’m also so far that I me now from equilibrium ago not to learn trust to contest on New Year 50 years!
When I got to Dresden in February to a Facebook friend, drove himself assemble the wheels and also sold, I asked him for advice My idea was really just to go buy me a tricycle. We talked before about pros and cons, about the possibilities there are, the different types, etc. When I was on my short vacation home came back clear, it must be a tricycle.

I picked it out of “my” tricycle and saved even just hands and feet together with the amount to buy it I can Easter 2011.

When I had paid for it then (and even before), I imagined, would be like that first time to sit on a bike and have no fear of falling. I was very, very excited when it was delivered, and then built on Good Friday by a friend and a girlfriend. I dared me to, because I really have no relationship to the experience. 20.00 clock in the evening it was ready and I wanted to go, give it a try at least. I was very, very insecure, clear, if you have never driven wheel. We drove to a REWE – parking lot and I drove and I knew it was the right decision. It was great fun and it’s still!
I have the bike two months now, I drive it every day to work, I drive on the weekends larger and smaller rounds (my longest was 46 km). The nice thing is, nothing hurts me, I have no back pain, no knee pain, no more problems with the musculoskeletal system. I never would have thought of, but it’s really true.
Funny, of course, the eyes of the people, since it is now not so ordinary to drive a tricycle, but I do not mind, I’m a happy person and the reactions are usually very positive, I get to talk and that’s very pleasant. A little annoying (but that’s not too bad), I think if most, so you can shop well, because there are such a big basket to it, then I just say, I have not even bought the shop, but for biking and then I will explain why.

I went in 2 months 500 km of cycling and getting to know the environment of my city very different, I’m in places I would have reached either on foot or by train and this is such a great enrichment of my life. It was a very important decision to buy this bike, I would have missed much if I had not done it.

At 25.6. I take part in our castle trip and I look forward to most, since the goal Täve virgin shall be readily available!


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  1. Louise Martin

    hi my disk pulled an inch away from my spine and is affecting they don’t aknow all the nerves and my breathing. I used to ride a bke. I am in alternative therapies and widowed. My husband used to be very helpful.
    Food shopping errands and laundry is my life. I can ride a recumbant bike at the gym but it is not the same as being outdoors. I am a disabled widow and poor. the doctors don’t want me bending over to reach the handlebars. I ike the idea of the handlebars coming to me and i don’t have tobend over and the basket to put my food shopping in. any help? Louise PS my email is aml656aml@yahoo.com thank you


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